Автомобильный Автоматический ограничитель запуска двигателя Устранитель

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Автомобильный Автоматический ограничитель запуска двигателя

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start-stop module has an automatic shutdown function and a memory mode to avoid the deficiencies of the following start-stop functions :

1、 The starting and stopping system of the original vehicle is that the engine can automatically shut down when there is a traffic jam or waiting for a trafic light, and then automatically start the engine when starting, which can reduce fuel consumption and waste emissions.

In some case case , the automatic start & stop system can monitor the driving. If the safety belt is not fastened, the automatic start&stop system will not work normally. After the car stops, the safety belt will be released. Even if the brake is released or the oil door is stepped on, the engine will not restart. But the automatic start & stop system, many car owners said that this design is not good, very upset about it. Some car owners have to press the start stop switch button to turn off the start stop system every time they get on the train. If they fail to turn off the system once, they will not turn on the frequent operation again by default.

2、 It is necessary to turn off the automatic start and stop in following situation :

1. If the vehicle drives on the ramp , try not to turn on the automatic start and stop, because the automatic start and stop time is very short, the start and stop of the engine on the ramp may cause the insufficient brake force of the vehicle. .

2. when the air conditioner is running at full power in the hot weather in Summer, it is better to turn off the automatic start stop function, because the air conditioner needs to consume a lot of power, and when the engine is stopped, the power of the car may not be enough to drive the air conditioner, which will make the passengers feel uncomfortable. .

3.when the vehicle is driving in wading, it is better to turn off the start stop system, which is to prevent the engine from stalling when it needs to be stopped in driving, and the exhaust pressure suddenly decreases at this time. It is very easy for water to flow back into the engine from the exhaust pipe, which causes the engine to fail to start.

4.In case of serious traffic jam, it is also recommended to shut down the automatic start and stop, because at this time, the engine will stop working for a long time, the temperature of the combustion chamber will be reduced, and incomplete combustion of carbon hydroxide and paraffin will form carbon deposition and attach to the inner wall of the cylinder. Carbon deposition will make fuel consumption higher and power weaker. This is an automatic start stop function designed to reduce fuel consumption, which in turn increases fuel consumption.

3、 even the battery in the car was emhanced one . but it also have a big challenge for the battery . so if it's too often stop & start . suggest to switch off the start & stop system

4、 if you want to disable the start & stop system permatenly , you need change the long code by code system (if you don't have this tool , it's not easy ), but if disabled by setting . it will permatenly disabled .


1).The items may be different from our pictures according to different car styles, but the function is the same.
2).Please make sure it is fit your car before you purchase,if you are not sure,please contact us and tell me your car model and year of manufacture, as well as provide me with photos of the automatic start-stop part of your car (it is better to pack the radio in the photo). Thanks.

The mode switching method:

The mode switching method adopts the 3+X method to switch.
1. Turn off the start and stop first, wait for more than three seconds;
2. Press the start-stop switch three times in succession (after pressing it, the start-stop is turned on, wait for it to automatically turn off);
3. Immediately after the start-stop is automatically closed, press the start-stop switch three (or two or four times) consecutively, and then wait for the indicator to reverse. Then enter the automatic shutdown mode (or memory mode, original factory mode).


Please turn off the power of the car before installation.After installation, the default setting is that you don't have to close the stop start engine function manually. If you want it for a moment, push the off button to restart the function.

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